In November 2010 an explosion at the Pike River Coal Mine on New Zealand's west coast killed 29 men. The New Zealand Government commissioned a Royal Commission into the tragedy. The Royal Commission took almost 2 years and cost over $10 Million. The commission found many faults, but arguably none more important than a failure to learn.

New Zealand, Australia, the UK, the USA, South Africa and every other mining country has a tragic history of mining disasters. All followed by an official inquiry and sadly further disasters. We cannot afford to pay for our minerals with the lives of our most precious resource, our miners.

The Pike River DVD – A Failure to Learn aims to communicate the lessons from the Royal Commission to the Governments, companies, management and mine workers of today and tomorrow. The inquiry into the 1994 Moura 2 Mine Explosion commented “There seems a clear need to put measures in place to ensure that vital lessons are effectively revisited and that the past is not repeated. To not do so is to invite further disasters.” It is with this vision that we have developed the Pike River DVD, so that you can learn the lessons from Pike River and make your mine or workplace safe. To not do so is to invite further disasters.


On 19 November 2010, 29 men died in an explosion at the pike river coal mine near Greymouth in New Zealand.

How could those deaths have been prevented and what were the lessons from previous mining disasters in New Zealand and Australia that went unheeded before this tragedy occurred?

The purpose of this program is to prevent more tragedies by encouraging people at every level in the mining industry to learn those lessons.

Pike River Royal Commissioner, Stewart Bell, details evidence given to the Commission that identified a raft of health and safety management issues at Pike River Coal Mine. Commissioner Bell notes that many of the recommendations made following the Pike River enquiry were strikingly similar to other recommendations made many times following other earlier mining disasters in New Zealand and Australia.

‘For as long as mining has existed, tragedies like the one at Pike River have occurred. Mine safety has improved but we continue to lose miners and mines in incidents and disasters around the world. It is possible to operate our mines safely but that can only be done by ensuring we learn the lessons from those disasters that have occurred.’ - Mark Parcell (Mine Safety Institute of Australia)





A DVD has been produced by Mark Parcell (Mine Safety Institute of Australia) which covers the tragic events that unfolded during the disaster and how they could have been prevented.

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This DVD includes:
  • Pike River - A Failure to Learn (program duration 36 mins approx)
  • Brothers 29 - Paul McBride's tribute to the lost miners
  • 17 - Gary McCormick's poem for Joseph Dunbar who died at Pike River


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